EP16 - Copywriting for Fashion Products with Kate Dramis

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Perhaps you’re finally to the point of building your website, launching your first collection, or thinking about your fashion product descriptions. 

But how do you start? 

You can’t just throw your products on a website and expect people to want to buy it, right?

So how do YOU draw in the right clients?

A lot of the time when we are building up our collection, we focus too much on why we wanted to build it and often forget who we are building a collection for. Although we may want to buy our completed product/design, how do we get other people interested in it? 

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I talk with Kate Dramis, the CEO of Kate Creative, LLC. Kate is a copywriter and messaging coach for online experts. She has worked with several six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs to help build their messaging to create more engagement and sales online. We discuss the 5 pillars that help make a successful copy write so that you can build your website, product descriptions and so much more with confidence!


  • Learning to communicate with confidence
  • Creating CTAs (Call to Action’s) and product descriptions that will move your tribe to buy
  • The difference between a feature and a benefit
  • Making the buyer care

These 5 pillars of success when copywriting are: 

#1. Get Clear on Your Transformation

Kate makes a great point when she says that fashion is no longer effective if you are just selling a product, you have to sell on the transformation. And you have to be clear on what that means to you, and also what it means for your customer. For me, it meant selling on the fact that no one wants to have a muffin top or bikinis that pinch and are just uncomfortable. 

No one wants to be self-conscious when trying to rock confidence at the beach. The transformation I am selling is that when you put on this bikini, you’re transforming into a confident, sexy babe. You’re going to rock it like Linda Barrett in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, no matter your size. 

#2. Take Yourself Out of the Equation

As I said, we all design our collections based on what we want in our closets. But we have to take ourselves out of the equation because ultimately it is always about the customer. 

What do they want, why should they want it and how do we get them to want what we have? If you go to a trade show, and everyone is selling the latest trend, how do you make what you have stand out? 

Truly jump into the shoes of your customers, because your customer is not always who you are.

#3. Be Bossy! 

This is one of my favorite things that Kate states constantly, BE BOSSY! Sometimes we forget that we have to be a little bossy and truly tell our customers what we want them to do. Are we trying to get them to opt in to a mailing list? Buy a product? Share a podcast? 

You have to have a strong CTA (call to action), but be sure that you only have 1! If you have too many CTAs, then you’re pulling your customer in too many directions and they will ultimately end up doing nothing. 

So tell your tribe what you want them to do, give them some direction! 

#4. No Pain, No Gain

Touch on the pain points. Kate promises that this does not make you a jerk. It can actually help you get better engagement with your customers because it makes them realize that ‘man, I do need that! They know exactly where I am coming from.’

It’s not about trying to make people feel worse or cause them more pain, but it’s to make them realize that you are trying to sell a service, not just a product. You are selling the solution to their problem. For me, that was selling to women with curves that were tired of their bikinis pinching them. 

 #5. Ditch The Generalization

Don’t be too general or vague! People have to be able to envision the benefits associated with your product. If they can’t picture it, they won’t see the value of it. 

Be more descriptive. Don’t just say “Live the life you always dreamed of,” it’s too vague, and hard to really imagine if you have to put too much thought into it. But saying “Step away from your computer screen, and do more of the things you love!” That is something that people can imagine themselves doing! This is what you need to do for your collection, design or product. Make me want!


09:24-11:40 - Kate’s Introduction | What is Copywriting? 

12:36-15:30 - Get Clear on the Transformation

15:45-18:45 - Take Yourself Out of the Equation

19:40-27:30 - Be Bossy! 

27:50-29:10 - No Pain, No Gain

29:40-26:40 Ditch the Generalization

Kate Dramis, Copywriter 

Kate is a copywriter and messaging coach for online experts. She helps her clients lock in their messaging and communicate with confidence so they can have more engagement and sales online. 

Kate began her marketing career as a copywriter for a digital agency, then went on to work in marketing strategy for a Fortune 50 brand until she took her coaching and copywriting business full-time. 

Today, Kate serves as the CEO of Kate Creative, LLC. She is trusted by some of the top online experts in the industry to create copy for their brands. When she’s not crafting copy, you can find her traveling or hanging out at home in Atlanta with her three dogs and cat! 


INSTAGRAM: @nicole_di_rocco








INSTAGRAM: @katedramis

FACEBOOK: Kate Dramis

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Creating a website and product descriptions are useless unless you are able to effectively convert your audience into raving fans, website visitors, email subscribers, customers or clients.


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