EP40 - Email Marketing With Elena Saxton

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Does email marketing work?

Am I really going to sell through emails?

What if I get people annoyed because of my emails?

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand PodcastI sat down with Elena Saxton, an email marketing strategist that specializes in helping emerging artisans create successful online businesses.

Talking with Elena was such a great reminder on why it's so important to keep developing your customer base through email marketing! She has been a long time friend and I’m just so grateful for her insight and experience in how to create easy launch strategies that actually get you sales!

I love Elena’s perspective on how easy it can be to just send an email to your customer list. As someone who has been a recipient of countless marketing emails and has hit the “unsubscribe” button too many times to count,  it can be a bit daunting sending out emails to my list of subscribers. I get so fearful that people will hit the same button with me if I’m emailing them too often or too little. Elena reminded me that no matter what people will hit “unsubscribe” but that’s okay because it means they just weren’t interested right now. They were just cluttering your email list anyway. Elena has so many great tips for the newly launched business that I can’t wait for you to listen to!


  • Building your online business and how it’s different from a popup
  • What a successful email campaign can look like
  • How to build your website in a day
  • What launching an email campaign actually involves

Why are Online Sales Different Than In Person Sales?

Elena and I talked about taking the leap from the in person sales experience to the ecommerce world and how scary that jump can be, especially if you are making more when you’re selling in person.

Elena reminded me that building your store online is like giving yourself a whole new job, suddenly there are new skills you have to learn in order to continue to get the sales you need. She said most people are stuck in the middle space because they do really well at shows, or farmers market’s but their online selling experience isn’t as successful so they don’t prioritize it.

This is because when you sell online you have to choose who you want to sell to. Marketing to a specific avatar or audience is what gets you the conversions, but by choosing one person you have to say no to maybe the other types of customers you were getting during the shows and farmers markets. It’s a whole new world but Elena guarantees that it’s worth it once you find out how to market your business in easy fast ways!

What Does Growing Your Online Business Look Like?

Buckle up and get ready for this wisdom…

It can be as easy as setting a goal and driving your marketing around that one goal! Elena walked me through a recent client success story, which immediately got my mind reeling with new ideas for my own email marketing!

Elena said that she sat down with an artisan client and they worked together to set a goal to launch an email campaign that focused on the launch of their new online store. Her client had previously been doing really well at shows but wanted to grow their business online. So they sat down, set a goal to sell $1,000 worth of product during the “launch week” and they estimated how many emails it would take to remind their subscribers to purchase and how many incentives would be needed.

And guess what... They sold over $1000 worth of products! It was that simple! Just an email a day to remind subscribers and they suddenly had the sales they wanted!

So How Do I Start My Email Marketing Campaign?

Easy as 1,2,3…

Elena walked me through the quickest and simplest ways to start your email campaign journey is to compile all your contacts. These may just be family and friends at first which is great because they are the ones that won’t hit “unsubscribe.” At least not right away! After you compile your list, decide how much you want to sell. What number would make you happy to see in your income stream?

After that, start to create some emails, they can be really simple! Maybe they offer a discount or incentive to your potential customers and a reward for their action step in buying your product! After that, send them consistent emails to remind them of how great your product is! (Don’t worry about being annoying, people are busy and sometimes they just need that little extra push!) After that continue to market to your other revenue streams like social media and watch the sales come in!

Elena has a new course that deals specifically in setting up your website and helping you create email campaigns that get you sales! Go check out her new course and start getting those sales!



07:45-11:20 - Meet Elena Saxton!

11:45-16:15 - From Pop-Ups to Online Sales

16:20-21:35 - Client Success Story

21:40-28:20 - Build Your Website in a Day

28:28-33:26 - Email Launching

37:25-42:27 - Recap!


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