EP43 - How to Create Peak Performance in Your Business with Coach Tulin

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But... I need to "work hard..."

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand PodcastCoach Tulin, a plus size health and fitness motivator, is here to walk us through some healthy habits to make the foundation for our business stronger than ever! This woman is such an inspiration to me, I have been following Coach Tulin for a while now and I’ve been so motivated and encouraged by her approach to health over the years. I’m so thankful she’s willing to join us on the podcast and share her journey both in the fashion and health industry. One of the things I loved about our conversation was the permission Coach Tulin gave me to celebrate myself and give myself grace to change my habits and engage with my intentions for those healthy habits.

I know that you are going to get some personal breakthrough with this episode. Coach Tulin talks about how powerful we can feel when we create a foundation (our bodies) that can sustain the growth of our business. If we don’t implement habits that can help our foundation to become stronger and sustain more, then our businesses and our lives will be the ones that suffer. Coach Tulin and I had an incredible chat and I really hope that this episode helps you see the value in investing in YOU and understanding that every journey is different and that’s beautiful. If this episode creates an impact or if you have any questions for Coach Tulin or myself, please reach out! We both would love to help you in your health breakthrough!

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  • Creating good habits for productivity
  • Breaking down fitness barriers
  • Shifting your mentality about fitness
  • Building connection through a healthy mentality
  • The journey to health

How Do We Implement Healthy Habits for Productivity?

Honor your day! What does the reality of your day look like?

The very first thing Coach Tulin shared with me was to honor the pace and flow of your day. If we disrupt our days by forcing ourselves to wake up earlier and deprive ourselves of sleep, that only harms our bodies. Punishing your body by trying to fit an external program into your day will only bring discouragement. For example, if you only have 15 minutes to yourself, when are those 15 minutes available and what do you want those 15 minutes to look like? It might be just taking some slow sips of water and not looking at a screen. Or maybe it's renewing your mind with some dancing around and moving your body! Regardless, honoring what your day looks like will help you start a journey to healthier habits.

What’s Your Fit Size?

Now I’ve got great news for you...

BEING "FIT" DOESN’T HAVE A SIZE! Yes! Coach Tulin reminded me that if we place expectations on ourselves in our process then we will be disappointed at every stage of transition.

Coach Tulin talked about how we only see the one-dimensional before and after shows on fitness sites or social media and this is where we set our expectations when we start our fitness journeys. Reality check! Our bodies are changing on a cellular level when we implement new habits that get our bodies moving-- therefore, as our bodies start changing we may notice that we have more weight on one side than another, or maybe there is some sagging in certain areas. These are all a part of the body transition and we still need to honor those changes!

Coach Tulin also talked about how we all make assumptions about other people’s processes and don’t recognize their own body transitioning because it doesn’t look like the other pictures they’ve seen. Our bodies are incredible and so are our minds, so when we can help both our bodies and minds be in harmony together we show up as our authentic selves.

Connection Over Performance

Coach Tulin is undeniably and beautifully herself. And she celebrates herself in every moment that she is connecting with her body, heart, and mind. One of the biggest takeaways from this episode was Coach Tulin’s dedication to building authentic connections with her audience. She says she knows that her audience is built up of so many different people, coaches, trainers, moms, and celebrities, but she isn’t trying to cater to each of those people on her Instagram feed. She is trying to meet people in the moment-to-moment struggles of what it means to be human and to be vulnerable. Building connection with ourselves, and feeling good with our journey, is how we can radiate on a cellular level to others no matter what we look like on camera!

Coach Tulin also emphasized about being a respectful disrupter, oftentimes in business we have grand ideas of how we’re going to change the world! BUT, that can be overwhelming, like waking up a half hour early and jolting your body into deprivation mode. This can actually happen in fashion when we want to design enough options so everyone feels included and loved! Coach Tulin says it's okay to start off where you can feel accomplished and where your mission aligns with your passion. There’s always time to include more later on, start where you’re at and honor what you’re passionate about!


09:25-14:08 - Honoring Our Days

14:12-15:25 - Fit Has No Size

22:22-34:45 - Authentic Connection

34:50-37:38 - Respectful Disruption

37:42-51:00 - Journey to Health

51:03-54:38 - Recap!


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