EP52 - The Power of Your Signature Story with Nicole Di Rocco

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Nobody is buying? You just launched?

Everything is beautiful?  What is missing?

You’re not getting the sales you thought... Don’t worry, this happens to a lot of designers.

The secret ingredient is creating the desire for the product, telling them why they need it, and why it's the biggest solution in their life. 

What does a signature story have to do with your product? Well it has everything, I break down the essence of why you need the signature story.

The Power of Your Signature Story 

So you’ve just launched your product and got so many compliments from friends and family members so you know that the support for your business is there for you! 

You launched your product, your line, your website and you wait for the orders to come rushing in…


Suddenly, you’re questioning your entire mission, vision, and product and realizing that maybe this wasn’t the right timing or the right vision. 

Don't worry, so many designers go through this same thing when launching a business. And in this episode, I’m going to breakdown the reason why this happens and the secret ingredient to creating desire around your product. 

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I wanted to share some insight and resources that I have found incredibly helpful for launching a business. I talk about what it means to have a signature story and the components that come along with that story. Understanding what your story is and what it isn’t is crucial to developing your brand and creating that desire for your specific product or service. I can’t wait to share my tips and the reasons behind why having a signature story is so important to the launch process!


  • 4 Things Your Signature Story Should Be
  • 5 Stories for Your Business
  • How to Craft Your Signature Story
  • Resources to Help You

What Your Signature Story Is Not...

When you get asked about your business, what do you share? Do you ramble off the most recent product you launched? Do you talk about yourself? One thing I have recognized over my years of launching is that most business owners and designers don’t know how to share their business with others. 

So we need to all learn how to craft a signature story that speaks to the niche who needs our product. Your signature story is NOT a promotion, NOT a logo or tagline, it's NOT just you and your backstory, it's NOT even the product, or latest promotion. It’s actually a collaboration of four key things:

  • Emotional Authenticity 
  • Product Transformation
  • New Vision That Inspires
  • Call to Action 

All four of these components are crucial to discovering how to talk about your brand through your signature story! 

Crafting the 5 Stories For Your Business

In order to execute the 4 attributes that you need to create your signature story there are 5 stories that can help you in the process. These stories are here to help you craft your culture and consistency in your business.

The first one is you “Aha or Inspiration” story. You want to recognize that moment and then leave people wanting more once you share it.

Second, is your “Brand Vision Story”. What are the 2-3 sentences that sum of what you want your business to look like in the future, what do you want to see accomplished? 

Third is your “Brand Mission”, this is essentially what goals are you setting to accomplish your ultimate vision. What action steps do you have in place to create the vision for your business? 

Fourth, is your “Product and Transformation Story”. This is your before and after moment. How can you show and tell what your product can do specifically for them!

Fifth and finally, is your “Fashion CEO Story”. This is where you get to shine! It’s your 30 second elevator pitch where you share how your business is solving the problem.

When you craft these stories you’ll find that answering the age old brunch date, “What have you been up to recently?” question becomes a breeze to answer!


If you know me, you know how much I love a good resource. One of the books I love to recommend is Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

It’s so important to retrace your steps and know when exactly you decided to say YES to your business.  When did you find that spark that ignited you to move off the couch and get to work? I love that Simon Sinek outlines this tracing and relates it back to a business model. He calls it the "Golden Circle"! 

There’s a great Youtube video that I’ve linked here for you to check out. 

Why, how and what?” are all a part of the Golden Circle model. 

Starting with “Why” can help you bring your product to the transformational sphere of business which will help you find more customers who are like-minded and need your product. Sinek shares that using your product as a vehicle to change and transform lives only happens when you start with “why”. 



08:00-14:50 - What Your Signature Story Is Not

14:55-19:30 - 5 Stories to Craft 

19:35-21:00 - Why Do You Need Signature Stories?

21:05-24:58 - Crafting Your Story

25:02-29:40 - Resources and Finding Your Why

29:45-33:36 - RECAP!


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