EP55 - EFT Tapping for a Sold Out Fashion Launch with Melanie Moore

eft tapping fashion business how to launch a clothing line sold out launch Mar 16, 2021
use the power of your mind to help you achieve success with your fashion business

Have you ever made a vision board?

Have you spoken out some positive affirmations over yourself? Your business? Your home? 

I know that as a designer, mother, wife, and CEO of my business there are a lot of conscious and subconscious battles that I am facing each day. 

To combat the narratives that might affect my day I usually start off my morning listening to Abraham or Esther Hicks, who does mediations and walk-throughs of how to create a positive mindset and change your daily narrative. 

However, days can get crazy and life can sometimes just get the best of you, which is where I realized I might need some more tools in my toolbelt on how to create better self-talk and manifest greater things for my life and business. 

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast I sit down with Melanie Moore and chat with her on how to “tap” for the things we all desire. Melanie is an incredible source of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to developing a transformational mindset. She has led me through countless tapping sessions which have helped me better understand where some of the subconscious beliefs I had about myself were dragging down my business. I know that as you walk through the Sold Out Launch Program this will be an incredible tool to help keep you focused and renewed in your daily routines.



  • What is Tapping? Or EFT? 
  • Why is Creating a Vision or Foundation Important?
  • The Benefits of Tapping
  • Words Have Power
  • Common Mistakes 
  • Practicing Tapping

What is Tapping?

I’m so glad I got to have my friend Melanie Moore back for a second time on the show with me to help explain how tapping can be an incredible resource for your business launch and your lifestyle.  

Tapping is the common name for EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique that combines a bit of acupuncture pressure points with words and affirmations. Tapping has led to incredible breakthroughs for coping with anxiety, depression, or addiction. But as Melanie shares, it can also be partnered with a release from emotional stressors or subconscious beliefs that we have about ourselves. 

By tapping on pressure points on your face and upper body while saying phrases that invite power and positive vibrations back into your body you are tangibly releasing any negative energy or emotions that may be clogging your launch process. 

Why is it Important to Have A Firm Foundation?

Having a brand and business is like owning a home. You are responsible for the decorating, upkeep, and atmosphere. If the home doesn’t have any identity, the foundation needs repair, or the atmosphere is toxic, you begin to lose sight of why you bought the home in the first place. It remains a house, not a home. 

Having a vision for your business is crucial to creating your identity and standing on a firm foundation to launch into that vision with fervor. 

I love that Melanie talks about creating a vision board that can combine your business and lifestyle. When you create a vision board you are manifesting the vision that you have for the identity and impact of your vision. 

Just like Esther Hicks talks about in her teaching on the Law of Attraction, when we establish a vision and manifest that vision we begin to get “In Flow” and we begin to see the tangible positive impact of our manifestations. 

Common Mistakes That You Can Fall Into

The power of words is HUGE. Melanie reminded me that as humans we have an incredible amount of water inside us and words have a tremendous effect on water through vibration, as Dr. Masaru Emoto documented in his water experiment.

So if words affect water, then how do you think they affect you?  We are made up of almost 60% water at any given time, and the words we speak over ourselves affect how our daily operations. 

When we partner with lies or negative thoughts then our body and mind respond to those. That’s why Melanie talks about how important it is to tap with the right script and right mindset. We have to choose deliberate language to give ourselves optimal opportunities to believe the affirmations we are speaking over ourselves. Without the right language, we miss out on changing our narratives because we don’t believe in ourselves. 


06:30-12:20 - Introducing Melanie

12:25-13:45 - What is Tapping?

13:50-18:08 - Vision Boards

18:12-21:35 - The Power Of Language 

21:40-23:28 - Mistakes People Make

23:33-46:55 - Tapping Session

47:00-48:50 - RECAP!

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