EP 67 - Top 5 Apps to Schedule instagram posts for your Brand

how to launch a clothing line instragram scheduler social media Mar 07, 2022
Top 5 Apps to Schedule instagram posts for your Brand


Which Instagram Scheduler app is right for your Fashion Business?

Are you feeling a love-hate relationship with Instagram and frustrated at the amount of time it distracts you from your brand?

In this podcast episode, I am breaking down the TOP 5 Apps to Schedule Instagram posts for your Brand. And which app I decided to use in order to streamline our content creation and posting process for Instagram. In episode 66, I shared my journey from Business Burnout to Creative CEO and I mentioned how as a Fashion brand owner, it was hard to stay productive and organized with social media.

In this episode you will hear:

  • The 5 Top Instagram Scheduler Apps for posting and managing content
  • The 7 must-have features for an Instagram Scheduler
  • Pros and Cons of each Instagram scheduler
  • Which App I ended using and why

In order for me to determine which app would be the best one for my business, I decided to get free trials on all of them. And I wanted to focus on these 7 different areas that were most important for our needs using the app.

7 must-haves features for an Instagram posting app:

  1. Visual Planner
  2. Auto-posting capability
  3. Reels posting feature
  4. See previous live posts in the planner
  5. Easy functions for team members
  6. Reasonable Pricing
  7. Can you download the service as an app on your phone

As a fashion brand owner, it is important to stay active on Instagram by posting regularly. However, between working on new collections, shooting campaigns, and attending events, it can be difficult to find the time to post manually. This is where Instagram schedulers come in handy- they allow you to plan and schedule your posts ahead of time.

Here Are the Top 5 different Instagram posting apps I tested out :

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Planoly
  3. Sked Social
  4. Sprout Social
  5. PLANN

I signed up for each app in order to see all of the features for desktop and mobile.

Pros & Cons of The Top 5 Instagram Scheduler Apps

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management platforms, and for good reason. It offers users an impressive amount of tools and features for managing their various social media accounts all in one place. This includes the ability to track brand mentions, schedule posts, analyze engagement, and more.


  • manage many different social media accounts.
  • Supports many social platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc
  • Easy for the team to manage
  • Autoposting capable
  • App for mobile


  • No visual planner/ can't see the grid
  • no reels specific planner
  • It's a bit overwhelming. I felt like this might be more than what our needs were at the moment.

I could see a brand growing into this platform as you build your team. However, not having a visual planner is important.

PRICE: 30 Day Free trial | Paid monthly accounts to range $49/ month

Planoly Whether you are looking to manage social media for your small business, or are simply looking to make more of an impact with your marketing on Instagram, Planoly is a great solution.


  • Visual Planner
  • Add previous reels to the visual planner
  • Auto-posting - (Only for static images and posts)
  • design your content right within the app. Canva integration
  • Reels posting made easy (add cover images in the app
  • Schedule Stories
  • App for mobile
  • New Pinterest Plan and Scheduler


  • Cannot reply to comments, mentions or messages
  • You must have a business account to auto-post

PRICE: 7 Day free trial | Paid monthly accounts range $10 | $18 | $28



Sked Social is a powerful social media management platform that gives businesses the tools they need to effectively manage their social media accounts. With Sked Social, businesses can track brand mentions, schedule posts, measure engagement, and more. Sked Social also has a wealth of integrations with other marketing and productivity platforms, making it an ideal solution for businesses that want to streamline their workflow.


  • Supports many social platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc
  • Easy for team to manage
  • Autoposting capable - did not matter if account is Creator or Business
  • App for mobile
  • Visual Grid Planner
  • Post Reels


  • I could not add previous Reels in the grid for planning. Might be a bug
  • Mobile app not as functional

PRICE: 7 Day Free Trial | Paid monthly accounts range $25 | $75 | $135

VISIT SKED SOCIAL for more details

Sprout Social is a social media management tool that stands out with its data-driven metrics. Sprout allows brands to analyze and track trends on social media to make sure their content is resonating with their audience.


  • Message and engage with comments and DMs in Sprout Social
  • Vast reports and data to plan content that is engaging
  • Great for teams


  • Does not auto-post. Just push notifications to post
  • No visual planner
  • No Reels specific posting
  • Mobile app not easy to use

PRICE: 7 Day Free Trial | Paid monthly accounts range $89 | $149 | $249

VISIT SPROUT SOCIAL for more details

Plann is a beautifully and simple place to plan your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn? It has an all-in-one auto-scheduler, social strategist, designer, and content calendar.


  • Visual Grid Planner
  • Stories Planner
  • Reels Planner
  • Get marketing resources and blogs
  • Visual Grid Mobile App


  • Does not auto post

PRICE Free Plan| Paid monthly accounts range $9 | $19 | $59 | $129

VISIT PLANN for more details

If you can relate with wanting a solution to streamline your Instagram content planning, make sure to create your own must-have list and start testing out these different apps. Make sure to connect with me below and let me know if you ended up using this strategy for yourself.

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