EP 68 - Position Your Fashion Brand for a Lucrative Exit with OpenStore

Planning to sell your Shopify E-commerce Fashion Business?

You may be wondering how to start a fashion brand that will eventually lead to a lucrative exit.

Well, the first step is to start thinking like a Fashion CEO and planning your exit from day one. In this podcast episode, my guest Frank Kosarek from OpenStore broke down the opportunities that e-commerce fashion brand entrepreneurs have when they are ready to sell their business. OpenStore has made the process of selling your e-commerce fashion business seamless and easy.

This episode is full of helpful tips on how to grow your business in preparation for selling it. So don't wait until you think you are ready, start today! Frank Kosarek is the Head of Sourcing at OpenStore, where he’s responsible for crafting a delightful experience for Shopify merchants interested in an OpenStore acquisition.


In the episode you will learn:

  • How To Sell Your Shopify E-Commerce Fashion Business
  • Position Your Brand
  • 3 Key Metrics to Value Your Shopify Store
  • How do you prepare to sell your Shopify store?
  • Steps to Get an Offer from OpenStore in 24hours


Frank Kosarek is the Head of Sourcing at OpenStore, where he’s responsible for crafting a helpful experience for Shopify merchants interested in an OpenStore acquisition. Prior to OpenStore, Frank was an entrepreneur-in-residence at Atomic, the venture studio behind hims & hers, and the founder of Bloc NYC, an NYC-based startup reimagining the apartment brokerage industry. Frank holds a BS in Economics from Duke University.


Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

  • OpenStore is the perfect solution for anyone looking to sell their Shopify e-commerce business. Using their innovative technology, they streamline the entire sales process so that it is easy and stress-free. This allows Shopify store owners to sell their businesses quickly and easily. OpenStore is the new, modern way to sell your e-commerce business.


  • Want to know how much your e-commerce business on Shopify is valued at? Click HERE for your free OpenStore no obligation offer.


  • The Sold Out Launch Formula is the perfect solution for fashion entrepreneurs who want to launch a fashion line to excited customers who are ready to buy. This program follows a proven formula that takes all of the guesswork out of what styles you should launch with, how to find and talk to factories and vendors BEFORE making inventory, how to build your launch list even if you don't have a sample, and access to resources in order to build a profitable fashion brand. With this program, you'll be able to confidently launch a fashion brand!

One of the most important things to keep in mind when selling your business is understanding what businesses like OpenStore are looking for. By preparing your business now, you can ensure you get the best offer when the time comes.

So grab your pen and paper to take some serious money-making notes, and LISTEN NOW to episode 68.




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