EP 73 - How To Use LinkedIn For Your Fashion Brand with Mindi Rosser

linkedin Aug 25, 2022
How to start a clothing line

Why is LinkedIn a must-have for Fashion CEOs?

Do you ever feel overshadowed in the expansive digital fashion world? I’m Nicole Di Rocco, and in today’s pivotal episode of Fasttrack Your Fashion Brand, I’m thrilled to be joined by the LinkedIn guru, Mindi Rosser. We delve deep into a fundamental query: Why is LinkedIn a must-have for Fashion CEOs? Whether you’re launching or elevating an established brand, we’re here to guide you on leveraging LinkedIn for influential social selling!

Key Takeaways for using LinkedIn as a Fashion CEO:

  1. LinkedIn’s Indispensable Role for Fashion CEOs:

    • Dual Credibility: Uncover the importance of distinctively showcasing both yourself and your brand on LinkedIn to fortify credibility and boost visibility.
    • Unlocking Social Selling: Learn how a fortified LinkedIn presence can be a gateway to enriching conversations and impactful social selling. 
  2. Crafting a Presence for Established Brands:

    • Narrating Your Brand Story: Discover the art of utilizing your LinkedIn company page to authentically communicate your brand’s journey, share updates, and foster genuine connections.
    • Humanizing Your Brand: Delve into the significance of spotlighting company culture, celebrating employee achievements, and fostering trust through authenticity.
  3. LinkedIn Strategies for Budding Entrepreneurs:

    • Generating Pre-Launch Excitement: Explore how strategically teasing your upcoming launch and nurturing connections can create a buzz and lay a solid foundation for your brand.
    • Striking the Balance: Master the delicate balance between consistent and value-driven posting to captivate and not inundate your audience.
  4. Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile:

    • The Power of Keywords: Grasp the impact of a clear, keyword-enriched headline in enhancing your profile and brand’s discoverability.
    • Image & Network Building: Learn the significance of professional imagery and cultivating a thriving network of 500+ connections for LinkedIn triumph.


Action Items to Help your LinkedIn Profile:

  • Revitalize Your LinkedIn Profile: It’s time for a refresh! Update your LinkedIn profile with a new role, photo, and captivating background image.
  • Lay the Foundation with a Company Page: Set the stage by establishing your LinkedIn company page, even before your grand launch.
  • Refine Your Headline: Rework your headline with pertinent keywords to succinctly convey your role and brand’s essence.
  • Connect & Engage: Expand your network and kickstart your consistent and engaging posting journey with repurposed content.


Embracing LinkedIn is pivotal in amplifying your brand’s voice and unlocking the potential of social selling. A heartfelt thank you to Mindi Rosser for her invaluable wisdom and insights! Dive into Mindi’s bio below to uncover more about her expertise in the LinkedIn landscape.

Guest Bio:

Mindi Rosser is a beacon of LinkedIn knowledge, specializing in guiding B2B business owners, thought leaders, and subject matter experts in fostering authentic and trust-based conversations on LinkedIn. With extensive experience in agencies and startups, Mindi ventured out to work directly with business leaders, enhancing their social presence and establishing thought leadership. Embracing entrepreneurial freedom and innovation, Mindi is adept at developing and fine-tuning LinkedIn strategies that deliver tangible outcomes for corporate leaders.

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Remember, authenticity and consistency are your guiding stars on LinkedIn! Make your presence felt, and I look forward to connecting with you in the next episode!




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