EP 74 - FastTrack Launch Journey with Phoebe Jaqueline

how to start a fashion business launch phoebe jaqueline pre sale Sep 07, 2022
How to start a clothing line

How to overcome the challenges of launching a fashion brand, refine the brand identity, and prepare for the successful launch.

Hello, it's Nicole Di Rocco, your host at FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast. Today, I'm thrilled to share the inspiring journey of Phoebe Jaqueline, the creative mind behind her eponymous brand. We discuss overcoming hurdles, the importance of community feedback, and her exciting upcoming collection!

Essential Steps in Getting Ready to Launch the Brand:

  1. Facing Challenges:

    • Journey Beginning: Phoebe talked about self-taught dressmaking journey during the pandemic, where she cultivated a loyal following from friends and family.
    • First Steps: Phoebe shared how YouTube became her classroom and how her initial customer base was formed from friends and family.
  2. Overcoming Perfectionism: 

    • Real Struggles: We discussed Phoebe's battle with perfectionism and her courage to showcase her designs to the world.
    • Embracing Feedback: The pivotal role of embracing constructive criticism was highlighted, shaping her fashion line significantly.
  3. Validating Designs through Audience Polling:

    • Instagram Insights: Phoebe enlightened us on using Instagram stories to validate her designs and involve her community in the creative process.
    • Decisive Polls: We explored the influence of audience opinions on her decisions about colors, fabrics, and silhouettes.
  4. Identifying the Target Customer:

    • Transformation Story: Crafting a narrative became a key lesson, helping Phoebe identify her target demographic and the occasions her dresses shine.
    • Emotional Value: Infusing creations with sentiments and stories added a layer of depth to her brand.
  5. Investing in Professional Photos:

    • Visual Cohesion: Phoebe underscored the significant impact of a professional photoshoot in establishing a strong, cohesive brand image.
    • Brand Aesthetics: Together, we admired the harmonious blend of models and dresses, showcasing her brand aesthetics.
  6. Refining the Brand through Coaching:

    • Fast Track Insights: I shared how our Fast Track program aided Phoebe in refining her brand narrative and gearing up for scalability.
    • Messaging Mastery: Crafting compelling brand stories became a focal point of our discussions on brand refinement.
  7. Leveraging 3D Design:

    • Technological Edge: Phoebe delved into the transformative power of 3D design and grading in saving time, money, and enhancing the customer experience.
    • Future-Forward Fashion: We discussed the pivotal role of technology in fostering sustainable fashion evolution.
  8. Launching the Everlove Collection:

    • Collection Debut: We excitedly discussed the unveiling of the Everlove collection of buildable corset dresses this June and the exclusive pre-order discount.
    • Fashion Forward: Phoebe’s vision for introducing her designs to boutiques offered a glimpse into the promising future of her brand.

  Key Action items for Phoebe's launch pre sale offer:

Alright, everyone, let’s take a quick recap of the action items that Phoebe took for her pre-sale launch offer, which can be really insightful for all the aspiring designers listening in!

    1. Secure Exclusive Offer: Phoebe ensured her customers could dive into her website to secure a $100 discount on their pre-sale dress purchase, making the offer even more irresistible!

    2. Anticipate the Build: She kept everyone on their toes for the mid-June launch of the Everlove collection, which boasted two initial vibrant colors.

    3. Join VIP Engagement: Phoebe crafted an exclusive Instagram group, inviting customers for a closer look, feedback opportunities, and more!

    4. Catch Sneak Peeks: She was consistent with frequent Instagram updates leading up to the launch, building excitement and anticipation among her followers.

    5. Explore Local Showcases: Phoebe had her eyes set on local pop-up shops or trunk shows, aiming to introduce her new collection to a wider audience.

    6. Forge Boutique Partnerships: Proactively, she researched and reached out to potential boutiques, aiming for fruitful retail collaborations.

    7. Develop Growth Strategy: Phoebe meticulously mapped out a comprehensive 12-month marketing and growth plan post-launch, ensuring sustained momentum.

    8. Stay Engaged and Tuned: Lastly, Phoebe continued to engage with her VIP community, released more styles, and actively participated in online fashion communities, drawing inspiration and support from like-minded individuals.

    So, if you’re gearing up for a launch, consider these steps and see how you can incorporate them into your strategy!

Closing Thoughts:

What an inspiring journey it’s been, exploring Phoebe Jacqueline's path in the fashion world. Her story of resilience, innovation, and community engagement serves as a beacon for emerging designers and fashion enthusiasts alike. Remember, every dream starts with a stitch and every brand with a story. Stay tuned for more insights, stories, and fashion journeys on the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast. 

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