EP 75 - E-commerce Product Descriptions that Sell with Lauren Tassi

e-commerce how to start a clothing line lauren tassi product descriptions shopify Sep 21, 2022
How to start a clothing line

How can fashion business owners improve product descriptions to boost their brand's presence and drive sales?

Hi, it's Nicole Di Rocco, your host at FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast. Today, I'm happy to share insights from our captivating conversation with Lauren Tassi. We dive deep into the art of transforming e-commerce product descriptions into captivating stories that sell. Together, we explore avoiding common mistakes, creating emotional bonds, and utilizing narratives to elevate your brand and boost sales!

Key Lessons to Elevate Product Descriptions:

  1. Steering Clear of Technical Jargon:

    • Today, Lauren shed light on the common mistakes we often make, focusing too much on technical fabric details or construction methods that, honestly, most customers don’t resonate with. It’s a reminder for all of us to translate features into benefits that our audience can relate to and appreciate.
  2. Forging Emotional Connections through Descriptions:

    • Lauren shared insights on evoking emotions by positioning a product as part of the ideal lifestyle – imagine selling the comfiest pants to relax in! Together, we discovered the impact of just a few words in creating an emotional connection and helping customers visualize themselves with our creations.
  3. Unveiling the Unique Story Behind Each Product:

    • We delved into the art of storytelling about the quality and provenance of our products. Even a brief narrative on the origin, handmade qualities, or the special materials used can significantly elevate the perceived value. It’s all about connecting customers with the love and care put into each piece. 

Actionable Steps for Brand Owners

  • Revamp Your Descriptions: Eliminate technical details and industry jargon. Focus on what your target customers truly care about.
  • Invoke Emotion: Rewrite descriptions to tap into lifestyle moments and emotions, painting a vivid scene for your ideal customer.
  • Share Your Story: Consider incorporating narratives about your product’s uniqueness, be it the production process, craftsmanship, or quality of materials.
  • Define Your Brand Personality: Determine the tone and words that resonate with your audience and maintain consistency across all descriptions.

Closing Thoughts:

This episode emphasized the significance of knowing our target customers and refining our copywriting skills, especially when launching a fashion brand. Remember, strategic storytelling is not just a tool but a secret weapon in the vast, competitive world of fashion e-commerce!

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