EP 76 - How To Get Your Products in Boutiques with PIVOT

boutiques how to start a clothing line pivot wholesale Oct 05, 2022
How to start a clothing line

How can fashion brands overcome the challenges of breaking into boutique wholesale and tap into the benefits of transparency and collaboration to increase sales and expand into new markets?

Hi, it's Nicole Di Rocco, and welcome to another enlightening episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast. In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO of PIVOT, Alvaro, who shed light on transforming the way fashion brands make their way into boutiques.

Key Steps on How to Get Your Products In Boutiques:

  1. Challenges of Boutique Wholesale

    • Personal Connections and Guesswork: Diving into the episode, we explored the inherent challenges brands face – the reliance on personal connections and the inevitable guessing game by buyers on what will actually sell.
    • The Need for Transparency: We discussed the crucial need for transparency into sales performance to aid brands in making informed decisions.

  2. The PIVOT Marketplace Model

    • Simplifying Processes: Alvaro enlightened us on how PIVOT is revolutionizing the industry by matching brands with vetted boutique retailers based on attributes like product type, pricing, and location.
    • Overcoming Overheads: We delved into how brands can avoid the overhead of staffing and rent by shipping inventory directly to stores, with shopkeepers handling operations.

  3. Benefits for Brands and Stores

    • Empowering Brands: Discover how using PIVOT feels like owning your own store location! It provides brands with invaluable data and experiences, enhancing product testing and marketing strategies.
    • Boosting Boutique Revenue: Learn about the win-win situation as stores gain access to proven products and elevate their revenue potential through increased transparency and collaboration.

  4. Flexible Terms and Getting Started

    • Trial Periods: Alvaro shared the flexibility PIVOT offers, allowing brands to test the waters with a store for 1-3 months before diving into an ongoing agreement.
    • Tiered Pricing: We discussed the various pricing models available, starting from an entry level of $50 monthly fee + 50% sales commission, with higher tiers offering added services.

Action Items:

  • Research and Apply: I'll guide you on how to research potential boutique retailers in target markets using the PIVOT marketplace and navigate through the application process.
  • Analyze and Negotiate: Discover the importance of analyzing sales performance, inventory levels, and customer data during the trial period and negotiating a favorable ongoing agreement.
  • Communication and Expansion: Uncover the secrets to effective communication with boutiques through PIVOT chat features and strategies for identifying additional boutique retailers for expansion.
  • Engage In-Person: Lastly, we’ll touch upon the importance of in-person engagement and how attending a PIVOT meet-and-greet at a partner boutique can solidify relationships with customers.

Closing Thoughts:

I hope the insights from Alvaro and the revolutionary PIVOT platform have sparked a flame of possibility and innovation for your brand. It’s all about taking those bold steps, embracing transparency, and fostering collaborations that propel us forward in the vibrant world of fashion retail.

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