EP 79 - Sourcing knitwear just got easier with KnitUp

how to start a clothing line knitwear sourcing knitwear Nov 14, 2022
How to start a clothing line

Ever felt stuck with the challenges of sourcing small-volume knitwear orders and puzzled over pricing strategies for your fashion brand?

Hey, it's Nicole Di Rocco here, bringing you another empowering episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast! Today, we're diving deep into the art of sourcing knitwear and revealing how emerging brands can break barriers with the innovative solutions provided by KnitUp. Get ready for an insider’s look into launching a fashion product successfully!

  1. The Struggles of Sourcing Small Volume Knitwear Orders:

    • In this episode, I dove deep into the hurdles of sourcing high-quality knitwear for small brands like ours.
    • I shared how we often face daunting challenges due to factories requiring high minimums that early-stage brands can’t meet.
    • I reflected on how traditional methods made it cost-prohibitive to produce small test batches, but there’s hope!
  2. New Digital Solutions Offer Low Minimums:

    • One of the highlights of our conversation was discovering how KnitUp is revolutionizing the game! I learned and shared with you all how they employ 3D rendering and pre-set styles to offer low minimums of just one piece!
  3. Consideration of Long-Term Pricing Strategy:

    • A pivotal part of our discussion was about the importance of a well-thought-out pricing strategy. I delved into the necessity of pricing high initially to preserve the ability to scale margins.
    • I emphasized the pitfalls of pricing too low early on, which can anchor consumer perception and make it incredibly challenging to increase prices as volumes grow.

Action Items & Next Steps:

  • Exploring KnitUp’s Offerings: Join me in researching KnitUp's catalog of pre-set styles and sustainable material options.
  • Connecting and Engaging: Connect with KnitUp on Instagram Reaching out to learn more about their design process and request fabric samples.
  • Mapping Out Pricing and Selecting Styles: Map out yor target pricing at various volumes and create a wish list of knitwear styles. 
  • Leveraging Rendering & Placing Test Orders: Leverage KnitUp's rendering to gather consumer feedback before producing your first physical samples. 

Closing Thoughts:

Launching a fashion brand is a journey filled with challenges and excitement. Together, with innovative solutions like those from KnitUp, we are writing a new chapter in the fashion industry and I’m here to guide and inspire you on this fashionable journey!

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