EP 84 - The Insider's Guide to Trade Shows: Tips from Alli Jackson

guide to trade shows how to start a clothing line swim collective the collective shows trade shows Jun 01, 2023
How to start a clothing line

How can you avoid the common trade show mistakes so that your brand can stand out and get more sales?

Hello, it's Nicole Di Rocco, back with another exciting episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast. In this episode, we delve into the world of trade shows with our special guest, Alli Jackson, Senior Marketing Manager at the Collective Shows. Alli shares insights how to make the most out of these industry events, avoid common pitfalls, and elevate your brand!

  1. Unveiling the Secrets of The Collective Shows

    • During our chat, Alli unveiled the workings behind the Collective Shows, shedding light on how they curate an upscale, intimate marketplace centered on swimwear and activewear. I discovered the vast array of buyers, ranging from major department stores and trendy online outlets to unique boutiques and resorts!
  2. Learning from Newbie Mistakes

    • Alli and I delved into the common blunders new brands often make and strategies to sidestep them. It was astonishing to learn that some brands solely rely on foot traffic! We underscored the vital role of preparation and reaching out to attending retailers—a little groundwork truly propels you into making a remarkable entrance!
  3. Absorbing Strategies to Stand Out

    • Alli bestowed invaluable insights on leveraging marketing opportunities, offering product samples, and infusing unique flair into your booth. I felt inspired hearing about brands that have become regulars at trade shows, highlighting the profound impact of sustained attendance!
  4. Grasping the Art of Sales Tactics & Order Writing

    • We explored the delicate balance of being present without being overbearing and the importance of allowing buyers to steer the conversation. Alli provided wisdom on the methods of order writing, ensuring a smooth experience for retailers. Remember, the essence of it all is forging meaningful connections!
  5. Embracing Patience as a Fashion Virtue

    • Success in this realm is a marathon, not a sprint—don’t anticipate immediate results. It's all about comprehensive pre-show research, maximizing marketing opportunities, and centering on nurturing relationships rather than merely pursuing sales.

Action Items for your next trade show:

  • Research attending retailers thoroughly prior to the trade show and reach out to schedule meetings.
  • Take advantage of all marketing opportunities provided by the trade show organizers.
  • Bring branded gifts or product samples to give to buyers.
  • Focus on networking and building connections with buyers during the show.
  • Be patient - trade show success takes time to build. Focus on relationships for the long-term.

Closing Thoughts: 

In this episode, Alli shared such valuable insights and guided us through the intricacies of fashion trade shows. I felt enriched with a wealth of knowledge and was eagerly anticipating seeing our listeners implement these insightful tips! Let’s not forget, the journey is all about preparation, making a statement, fostering relationships, and practicing a bit of patience!

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