EP14 - Three Powerful Questions to Ask Before Making Big Fashion Biz Decisions

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Whether you’re trying to figure out the next step for your 6 or 7-figure company, or are still doodling your fashion ideas on napkins, there are three questions that can really help bring some perspective to your journey.

Sometimes there are not just physical barriers preventing you from taking your next step, a lot of the time there may be some mental barriers as well.  This FastTrack Your Fashion Brand episode is just what you need to help you make your next big decision! 

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I’m talking about the most powerful questions you can ask yourself before making any big fashion business decision:


  • There has never been an easier time than now to launch a fashion line
  • Growth does always mean we need to make things bigger, it means we can act and think smarter
  • Constantly having personal growth, as well as professional growth, is extremely important for your fashion journey
  • Building a mindset of possibility and opportunity

The three best questions to ask yourself before making any huge fashion business decisions are:

Question #1: Can you see yourself doing this exact thing 10 years from now?

Can you picture yourself doing what you are doing right now, at this point of your fashion journey 10 years from now? If nothing has changed, if you are still doodling your fashion ideas on napkins or running a 6- or 7- figure company and giving up your weekends and time with your family, would you be satisfied? 

If you wouldn’t be satisfied with being in the same spot as you are right now, what could you do to change it? This is the first question you should be asking yourself when making a big decision for your fashion business. 

Right now, we are currently downsizing our office space. I realized that just because my company has grown exponentially didn’t necessarily mean that I needed more space. So I had to question, could I imagine myself in this space 10 years from now? And if I couldn’t, where do I see myself?

Question #2: Ask the “What If” out loud

“What if I had enough money to launch my fashion collection?” 
“What if I found the perfect office space to run my fashion team out of?”
“What if I did start my fashion business?”

As you may have heard from a previous podcast about “neuro-hacking”, our brains are constantly looking for how to answer the questions we ask it. This helps keep us stay in possibility and opportunity. And as a creative, this is exactly where you want to be.

Question #3: Write an action plan

What is the most important thing that I need to accomplish today, this week, this month? Prioritizing your projects and your businesses’ needs are incredibly important in helping to build a sustainable and profitable business. 

For me, downsizing our office space was necessary for my company’s growth. But then came designing an action plan to help prioritize what needed to be done regarding selling our furniture, where to house our inventory, what needs to come with me to the new office? 

Designing an action plan ahead of making a big decision can help lessen the burden of trying to think of all of these things on the fly. As Fashionprenuers, we’re planners. We come up with designs, execute them into a tangible product that people can purchase and are constantly evolving with the trends. 

We are go-getters, and know-how to chase our dreams. So what’s stopping you from chasing yours?


00:01-04:59 - We’re Moving Office Spaces

05:00-08:00 - Learning a New “Growth” Mindset

10:19-14:00 - Question #1 - 10 Years from Now

15:37-18:39 - Question #2 - What-If

18:40-22:48 - Question #3 - Your Action Plan


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