EP13 - Finding Your FASHION Community With Nicole Giordano

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Since you started your fashion/designer journey, have you found yourself asking:

“Am I doing this right?”

“I am ready to launch my line? 

“Should I tell my parents and my friends about my crazy fashion idea?”

“Maybe I shouldn’t share my design. What if someone takes it?”

Every designer, aspiring fashionpreneur, and creative have found themselves standing on the edge of glory (yes, just like the Lady Gaga song), unable to move from an idea to action due to their own self-doubt. That little voice in your head that is constantly questioning everything that you do. If you’re finding yourself feeling completely alone when discussing your troubles or success while launching your new collection, this FastTrack Your Fashion Brand episode is just what the fashionpreneur ordered. 

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I’m talking with the founder of StartUp FASHION, and 15-year professional designer Nicole Giordano to discuss the importance of community support when building your fashion business. No matter what stage of the designer process you are in, having access to an incredible community of like-minded people who can offer advice, encouragement and years of fashion experience is one of the greatest tools you can possibly have as you enter the fashion world. And I would know since I am actually a member of Nicole’s community. 


  • How all fashion designers can feel alone in the process
  • The main reason Nicole Giordano decided to build a community to help people just starting out in the fashion world
  • How traditional learning (fashion school) prepares you for a job, but not an independent business
  • Fears we face as we attempt to launch our first collection and how being a part of a community can be beneficial
  • Identifying your values and your hook to help build your fashion brand

Why Nicole Giordano founded StartUp FASHION

Nicole Giordano started as a textile designer and after she graduated from college, she knew - as most of us have already discovered for ourselves, that she didn’t want to work for other people. But fashion school doesn’t really prepare you for that, they give you the technical experience to go out and get a job somewhere, but not the experience necessary to launch your collection independently. She started designing bags and selling them at boutiques (because this was before the age of Instagram!) 

With 15 years of design experience behind her, she realized that designing wasn’t what she wanted to do. Her ‘zone of genius’, and what really lit up her world was encouraging people. She realized that the fashion industry had a very old school mentality, which held onto the idea of exclusivity and not wanting to share. We’ve all experienced this at some point or another: not wanting to share our ideas or designs, factories we use, etc.

But you have to let that go if you want to be successful!

Nicole Giordano has created an incredible community that offers resources, classes, and has redeveloped the entire onboarding process to really help you be where you need to be at that moment! And most of the time, you’re not really where you think you are. Say, you’ve launched a website and your first collection, but you’re not seeing any sales or traffic on your website. It's because you overlooked your brand identity, identifying your values, your hook, and what your brand is truly all about. 

Nicole Giordano and the entire StartUp FASHION community are there to answer questions, encourage you during your highs and lows, and be the ultimate resource no matter what part of your journey you are in. People are really giving, and you’ll really get out of this what you put into it. You have to remember that just because you sign up does not mean that the hard part is over. You’re entering graduate school, and you’ve still got homework to do!



07:01-09:29 - An Introduction to Nicole Giordano and StartUp Fashion

11:11-13:19 - The Best Time to Join

13:20-16:51 - Fears for People Entering the Fashion Realm

17:00-20:31 - Zone of Genius - What Lights You Up?

24:15-30:50 - Identifying Your Values


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Hello my FastTrackers and Fashionpreneurs! 

This episode had a lot of great information about making sure to connect to your community because it is really hard to feel like you are going through this alone. There are moments when I’m talking to my husband and the empty look tells me that he truly has no idea what I am talking about.

But Nicole’s community StartUp FASHION offers a great, safe space to talk to people going through the same things as you! It is one of the ultimate Mastermind Groups that recognizes the struggles are real, but so are the successes. Find a group to help you get out of your lows and celebrate your highs. 

If you like the podcast, make sure to rate and leave a review. Definitely give a shout out to my amazing team who puts in a lot of work to help rock and roll these episodes out!

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