EP33 - Building Drop Shipping Revenue on Shopify with Gina Kershaw

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In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I sat down with Gina Kershaw who isn’t your average business babe.

Gina is the kind of woman who listens to your dreams, partners with your vision, and then leads you by the hand into the promised land, or in this case, the product land!

Gina’s background isn’t defined by her MBA or years of experience as a lawyer— but more by her relationships with people. Gina started meeting a lot of Instagram Influencers who were having trouble getting past their creativity and building a business from their platform.

I had a conversation with Gina about how creativity can sometimes get in the way of creating the business model we need to sustain our visions. We also discussed some beneficial tools to help leverage our time and energy through simple systems.

I’m so excited for you to listen in and get the inspiration you need to monetize your creativity and generate space for your vision to grow!


How can I monetize my audience and social platform?

A lot of people are saying the written word is dying out, but good news FastTrackers, blogging can actually help you monetize in really simple ways! Gina and I talked about how using affiliate links in your blogs can help your audience by directing them to the products you’re trying to sell.

Gina and I also talked about how we tend to believe that blogs have to be really long. GOOD NEWS, blogs can be really short and sweet! Just a couple paragraphs can go a long way to helping you monetize! Another underutilized tool is the Shopify blogging tool that can help you directly link to your products.

What is Dropshipping and how do I make it work for me?

So what if I don’t have enough garage space for all of my product? Well, don’t worry! Dropshipping is here for you! I was blown away when I found out that fulfillment centers were willing to ship my individual product to my customers. It’s like cutting out the middleman and cleaning out your garage at the same time!

Using dropshipping saves you so much time, money, and stress! If you were buying a bunch of products then you would need to raise capital and find a place to store all of your products. This can get super expensive super quickly! On the flip side, dropshipping can save you time on packaging up your product and then taking it to the post office, and then dealing with it all over again with any returns or exchanges your customers might need.

So I have a product to Dropship, now what?

Testing, 1,2,3, Testing!

So here’s what you’re gonna do, go online find some product suppliers that you want to test out dropshipping from. Buy one of the products from them, assess the quality, packaging, and how long it took the product to get to you. Then you can take pictures of that product that you’re wanting to sell from that supplier and use those photos on your website to showcase your product! Next, link it to your Shopify page. (Pro Tip: this is also where you can utilize your blogging to directly link to your Shopify). It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

I know it can be stressful relinquishing control of your product to another shipping facility, but don’t worry they want your business just as much as you need them! Product suppliers are actually willing to go the extra mile for you, like placing a card in the package so your brand can really stand out! Just send out some emails and see if there are any added costs and you can always factor this into your pricing scale of your product.

Guys, don’t miss out on this! It’s so easy to set up your Shopify for dropshipping. There’s really no excuse not to try it out. Trust me, it’s going to save you so much stress!



02:20-05:45  -  Making Money From Your Platform

05:50-09:40 -  Maximizing Your Blogging

09:45-19:55 -  Dropshipping and Monetizing Outside of Your Own Products

20:00-26:15 -  How Do I Get Started?

26:16-00:00 -  Resources to Help You


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