EP34 - How to Wow Your Retail and Wholesale Customers with Nichole Simms

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Are customers even buying right now?

Are retailers looking for new products?

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I sat down with Nichole Simms, a retail and visual merchandising expert with experience across multiple big brands like Gap, Ann Taylor, and Forever21. Nichole’s experience in fashion management and virtual merchandising gives her a unique insider perspective on what buyers are actually looking for. Nichole’s specialty is helping retailers create a mission and message that backs their products and keeps customers and buyers interested in their brand.

Social media and e-commerce are becoming more popular during COVID and as fashionprenuers, we need to adapt with how customers are buying and what's encouraging them to return.

This episode is packed with incredible wisdom and tips on working with buyers and keeping your business adaptable. Get out your pens and pencils because this episode is packed creative ideas and tools to help you and your business thrive!


  • Debunking myths on customers and their buying habits during COVID
  • What your website should say about your brand
  • Why your website colors and typography should match your brand
  • The future of fashion shows and tradeshows
  • What buyers are looking for in your product

What Should My Website Say About My Brand?

Creating a landing page that attracts customers and buyers is an incredibly daunting task. There are so many decisions that go into your branding, photos, colors, and font style that all leave an impression on a potential customer and buyer. It’s your elevator pitch, getting it right is crucial for keeping your brand on trend.

Nichole shares that your color theme is a huge draw for customers. Make sure the colors you pick match your aesthetic. If you’re a minimalist brand with minimal products that speak to class and sophisticated lifestyles, bright pink neon is probably not going to be a good choice for your audience and customer base. Typography is your next hurdle. Make sure your font choice reflects your products. For me, I chose a font that spoke to the Cuban or Havana lifestyle that I saw over in Cuba and was reminiscent of Spanish influence.

What Message Are You Sending?

Oftentimes, designers tend to focus on what looks good or how many products you can fit on one page. But really, it comes down to picking just one message and running with it! Keeping your message clear and concise gives buyers confidence in shopping for your products.

For example, if you have the message “New Arrivals” on your website, this gives customers and buyers the assurance that you are staying on trend and proactive in your designs. It also leaves them with the sense that they can come back and see more later because you have a message that says “I’m creating new and unique products for you.” Keeping your brand messaging at the front of your webpage keeps customers on your site and helps you establish an aesthetic that brings them back later.

What are Buyers and Retailers Actually Looking For?

NEWS ALERT: They’re looking for products they can sell!

When you are looking at partnering with big retailers and department stores its crucial to do your research. If your product doesn’t match any of their branding or any other products that the retailers are pushing, it's probably not going to be a great opportunity to partner with them. Trade shows take a lot of time, expenses, and energy. The good news is that with new online shopping experiences, you can create your own events and stimulate your media without the same expense and hustle that trade shows and fashion shows are known for. 

Nichole shares that you can get creative during this time, use your social media as a tool to host your own fashion shows and spur conversation about your products. Creating a strong social media voice and branding message attracts buyers and enhances the chances of a retailer picking up your product. Buyers are always looking for opportunities to sell more, make sure you are worth their attention by keeping your webpages and social media active with reviews and conversation.



05:33-06:43 - Are Customers Even Buying Right Now?

06:45-11:40 - Does Your Branding Match Your Message?

11:40-16:04 - Are Retailers Looking for New Products? 

16:05-18:31 - Tradeshows, The Future of Selling, and Mistakes Not to Make

18:32-27:39 - Nichole’s Background in Visual Merchandising and Buying

27:40-29:20 - Freebie for Listeners!


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