EP38 - Your Shopify Store Audit With Lindsay Stillborn

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How can I generate more sales in my Shopify store?

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand PodcastI sat down with Lindsay Stillborn a Shopify guru and strategist, to help audit my own Shopify store numbers! We sat down and she walked me through a bit more about my store's conversion and determine the key areas of my store weaknesses and strengths. We talk about the inconsistency of sales, the traffic that you attract on your site, where your audience is coming from, and all the nitty gritty numbers in between.

Lindsay has worked on helping over 2000 Shopify storefronts for businesses, so this woman knows how to help you improve your website and Shopify store. l know I say that every episode is worth taking notes on, but this one is especially helpful to take notes or listen to because Lindsay has so much wisdom on how to maximize your business and keep those sales coming!



  • Why auditing your Shopify store is important
  • What to look for when you audit your Shopify store
  • Going through your Shopify store conversions and understanding where your audience is coming from
  • Finding your audience amidst COVID and best practices moving forward

Why is Auditing your Shopify Store Important?

Try to think about your Shopify as an employee of your business, there are some things that you can be hands off about and some things you have to help teach that employee...

Lindsay Stillborn has been helping audit Shopify businesses for years now and has so much insight on how to maximize your customer’s experience with your site and how to get you the sales numbers you need each month. When she looks at a Shopify account she quickly goes through her check list or audit to see if the automated numbers that your Shopify (employee) is keeping track of can help identify where you (as the business owner) need to step in and guide it a bit more.

As Lindsay walked me through my own Shopify stats I quickly realized that I could be utilizing and personalizing the emails that my Shopify sends out to my customers when they have abandoned the “check out” process. These shoppers are the easiest to reach because you already have their email (thanks to Shopify) and you already know that they were interested in your product because it was in their cart. Lindsay says these are the emails that can be extremely helpful in getting you those final sales. Sending out an email a week to the customers who still have a shopping cart is just a nice way of reminding them that they really liked your product.

I was actually mind blown when Lindsay helped me identify some of my Shopify store's weaknesses. This is so important even when you’re at any stage in your business. Also, Lindsay offers a FREE 30-Minute Discovery Call to help walk you through your numbers too so you don’t have to fall behind in getting those sales!

How to Keep People Coming Back to Your Shopify... Do You Know Where Your Audience Is?

Most people set up their Shopify pretty early on in their website development, but often they forget to check back in with it and update any messages that you integrated into the checkout experience for your customer. This is something that even I am guilty of because as designers and business owners we are focused on the next design or product launch. Lindsay reminded me that just because Shopify is an easy and automated tool we can still utilize it to make the check out experience more personal and continue to invite customers back. 

Part of the process is knowing where your audience is coming from and being consistent in your communication with them. Most audiences now are coming from social media sites like Facebook or Instagram which are great for advertising or linking back to your website. Although these platforms are both social they tend to attract very different age groups and interest levels. Knowing how to market and communicate with your main audience can keep those sales numbers up for your business!

Are You Thinking About Your Customer?

One of the things we often forget when we build our website or forget to check back in after we’ve built our website is how the customers are interfacing with your product…

Lindsay reminded me that often customers aren’t able to intuit some of the “clicks” that we might assume. This is because we are usually pretty comfortable with our website (since we spend so much time there) but our customers are often visiting for the first time and don’t know what they’re looking for. Lindsay suggests that one of the audits you can do is pretending (or asking a friend) to go through your website live with you so that you can watch them figure out what they want, how to put an item in the cart, or where they get lost on your pages. This can be a really easy way to see if there are any “missing” steps that the customer is tripping up on. Another alternative to this is getting some apps to help with heat mapping your customers mouse or time spent on one webpage.

Obviously there isn’t any perfect answer to getting conversions, but these are some good tips to make sure your customer experience is foolproof and enjoyable!



07:55-07:00 - Lindsay Stillborn Shares Her Journey With Shopify

11:00-21:45 - How to Audit Your Shopify Store

23:00-29:05 - Where is Your Audience Coming From?

29:08-33:58 - Looking at Your Store as a Customer

34:00-37:35 - How to Connect with Lindsay

37:37-41:50 - Best Practices During COVID 

41:55-46:40 - Recap!


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