EP46 - The Roadmap to $50K with Susan Bradley

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How would it feel if you knew you'll have reliable income every month from your Shopify store?

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I chat with Susan Bradley about the journey to making your first $50K! Susan Bradley is an e-commerce educator and business boss babe! She loves the start up process and is currently helping businesses launch and scale up to $50K in revenue. One of the things I love about Susan is that she likes challenges and is constantly looking for ways to help businesses get the conversions they need to create a reliable revenue.

The takeaways from this episode are innumerable and I am so thankful that Susan was able to take the time to chat about her new series the Roadmap to $50K. She used her own business as an example and is mapping out week to week what goals she’s setting in order to get to the number where she can feel secure and start to hit that reliable income! You do not want to miss out on this educational and motivational conversation.


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Susan has created a roadmap that anyone could use to build their own business on Shopify from $0 sales to the first $50K. She will be sharing her strategies, answering questions, and keeping it real as you face (and overcome) challenges from product sourcing to launch and generating your first $50K in sales.


Are You Thinking About Your Exit Strategy?

Most of us start our businesses with a grand vision and how they’re going to help change the world, whether it be through bikinis or socks, we all believe our businesses are helping to create meaningful impact. Not often do we think of an exit strategy or if we want to continue to run the business 10 years down the road.

What I loved about my conversation with Susan is that she is always thinking about the exit strategy. Susan likes the launch process of a business so she is constantly thinking about where she wants to be in 5 years from the start of a business to when she wants to sell it. In her words, “Having a business is great, but when you sell the business is when you get to create wealth in your life.” This wealth mindset can start by priming your business to attract the right buyer.

What Does it Mean to Prime Your Business?

Priming a business means that you are utilizing your exit strategy and creating processes to sell your business. And if you’re wanting to attract the right kind of buyer there are certain points of view that you may need to consider in your priming process...

  1. Cleaning it up - creating a streamlined product-based selling strategy can really help a buyer see the profitability of the business. So keeping your QuickBooks tidy and your conversion rates high can keep everything clean and calm.
  2. Processes - creating “easy button” processes that help potential buyers in the “take over” stage will really help your business thrive and help buyers picture themselves in the business.
  3. Good hires - A business is only as good as its weakest link, so having good people behind your business is crucial in creating a long-lasting exit strategy. These people can make or break your selling process because they are the ones that know how to do all those $20 tasks so your buyer can focus on the $100 tasks that require more of their attention.

Priming your business a great way to stay accountable to where you might want to be in the next couple of years. By keeping potential buyers in mind (you may even want to build out a list of ideal buyers) you can keep yourself on track to making the kind of revenue that continues to grow long past you sell.

When Will You Have Reliable Income?

Reliable income is the pot of gold we’ve all been looking for, right? It seems to be the greener pasture that we all just can’t seem to reach! The good news is that Susan Bradley has some strategy to help us bring the gold to us!

The number one thing that needs to happen first before you can start to achieve your reliable income dreams is getting traffic to your website! Susan suggested that until you have about 3-4K visits on your site you won’t really be able to build out a reliable income strategy.

But after you hit those visits, which you can build through email marketing and advertising, you can start to get in front of your conversions by predicting what your customers want and building a hype around it. With Susan’s company Sock Doggo, she was able to build out a brand based on just one product and now because of how many people have purchased that product she can start to collaborate and plan for returning customers. A lot of it comes down to being proactive with your customers and engaging with them as often as possible to keep them returning to your website for more opportunities to buy.


06:00-07:55 - Introducing Susan Bradley

08:02-16:15 - Creating an Exit Strategy 

16:20-22:30 - What is Priming a Business?

22:38-37:33 - Building Reliable Income

37:37-41:35 - It’s not You or Your Product

41:40-47:10 - Recap!


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