EP47 - How to Handle Losing a Customer

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Raise your hand if you’ve lost customers, accounts, and money this year…

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I answered a Fashion Biz Breakthrough question from Karli who's worried about a loss of clients during this COVID time. She's wondering how to continue in her business as clients assess their needs.

I’m so thankful that Karli asked this question because I know it’s something a lot of us have been grappling with this year. If you have been struggling with how to handle losing customers and trying to figure out what your next steps are, this episode is FOR YOU!



  • How do you handle losing customers?
  • Are there any money blocks you need to work through?
  • What do you need to continue in your business?
  • Money making activities

Are They Gone for Good?

One of the fears that comes along with losing accounts or customers is the fear that they never come back...

It makes sense, when we lose things we tend to feel like we’ve lost control and then we spend all our time and energy trying to chase control again.

But what control did we have in the first place? Was the control something we actually wanted or would we change that for something else?

Asking questions like:

"Is this customer gone forever?"

"What kind of customer was this for my business?"

"Were they the kind of customer that was right for my business?"

All above questions are integral to helping you regain your sense of vision for continuing to execute your business strategy and move forward despite what your current circumstances might be.

So What’s Stopping You From Making Money?

One of the biggest fears I have when I lose money is, what if I never get that money back?

Now, don’t worry this is a TOTALLY legitimate fear, especially in a climate that is so unpredictable right now. But my hope and desire for you is to move past this fear and embrace the idea that you WILL make money.

The reality is that we get comfortable where we are so we don’t reach out to make more, and when we lose it we tend to cling to our comfortability. We create our own boxes and limit ourselves.

Let this GO. Take a deep breath and dedicate yourself to recognizing and working on your money blocks!


Keep the Faith and Exercise Your Mental Strength

So how do you make more money during these uncertain times?

I listed out 8 questions that act as a mental exercise guide to help you get yourself back on track to make more money and continue to serve your customers.

The last thing I ever want to leave you with are negative thoughts about your business. I want you to feel energized and positive about the future of your business.

Get out that pen and paper and start this exercise now, I know it's going to help you feel way better about moving forward in your business.




01:05-07:55 - Fashion Biz Breakthrough Question

08:00-08:40 - 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

12:40-14:10 - Money Blocks

17:20-19:50 - What are the Facts?

20:00-25:40 - How to Get Yourself Back On Track

26:48-29:13 - RECAP!


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