EP8 - Neurohack Your Fashion Biz Success with Dr. Shannon Irvine

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Have you ever asked yourself this:

“What if nobody buys my designs?”

“What if people don't like my products?”

“What if I don't make my money back?”

“What if I don't have the time to put into this business after it launches?”

“And what if I'm just too successful that it's too much for me to handle?”

Well, if any of these thoughts sound familiar or if you've heard your brain (yes, your brain) start to bring on the feelings of doubt and fear when deciding to launch a new collection, this FastTrack Your Fashion Brand episode is totally for you.

In this episode with Dr. Shannon Irvine, we are talking about how we can reprogram our brain away from these limiting beliefs and tweak the stories in our head to create more success in our fashion biz and in our personal lives.

Tapping into the power of your mind

Neurohacking could be your biggest competitive advantage to take 100% control of what we need to get your fashion biz to the next level. The way your brain is wired, your limiting beliefs and stories you tell yourself, shape up the future of your fashion biz and the way you approach life.

The best thing about neurohacking is that it’s already all in you, you can do it. You just have to understand how your brain works and tap into the power of your mind.

What is a limiting belief?

When we talk about limiting beliefs, I mean these are really our fears. And they are completely normal. Our brain is wired to keep us safe and familiar, so you have these limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating or taking the next big step because somehow, your subconscious is scared of the unfamiliar.  

Most of the time, a limiting belief is just the story that you tell yourself over and over again. Nothing strange about them. What is needed are the actions that you should take to reprogram the way you think.

Emotions do create results

You are responding to your emotions and these emotions come from your thoughts. When you start to reverse engineer the way you think, that’s when you realized the amazing things you can accomplish in your fashion biz.

Your subconscious mind is not the boss. It just automates what you tell it and then produces more of that. “ Shannon says.

When you begin to recognize your thinking patterns, the way you react to situations and the way you respond to them and how you acknowledge them, it makes it easier to reverse the way your mind is programmed. By reframing your mindset, you can take control of your actions and decisions rather than having your brain going in an autopilot mode.

But first, remove your limiting beliefs

Your subconscious is created by your actions and daily decisions.  Recognize these actions and decisions that formed your limiting beliefs and from there, reframe your mindset. Deleting those negative stories in your head helps you gain as much confidence in yourself.


  1. Recognize your limiting beliefs
  2. Record  them (write them down in bullet points)
  3. Change these negative stories you’re telling yourself

When you do this brain matrix process you:

recognize it

record it

refute it

and rewire it.

This is the last piece of the process and you will start to build a neural network of the truth.” Shannon added.

This “network for truth” then builds your confidence and trust in yourself and what you’re capable of. This new-found confidence is applied in your life, your relationships, your health -- your everything.

Allow yourself to remove those stories that hold you back from taking your fashion biz ideas into greater heights. You might not be aware that they're there or you may have unconsciously created them -- but these stories, these limiting beliefs, they're in your head. And they can be reprogrammed.

If you take the effort to remove these stories and limiting beliefs, the game changes. You will begin to feel the momentum and you can step up into the best version of you and your fashion brand.


  • A limiting belief is a false belief that a person acquires as a result of making an incorrect conclusion
  • If you have never thought about your thoughts and how you think, you are on autopilot mode
  • Your brain is wired to keep you safe and familiar
  • You are truly the creator of your own thoughts
  • It’s the story that you tell yourself
  • Prime your brain and start removing your limiting beliefs


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The floor is yours.

How are you going to apply these neurohacking strategies to your personal life and your fashion biz? I’d love to know your thoughts! Share them with me in iTunes and leave your feedback.

Every comment or feedback means a lot to me and helps me to continue to grow this podcast to reach more fashion designers that want to start and scale their business. So if you take action on ANYTHING you hear, please let me know as well.


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