EP7 - Five Lessons on Launching a Swimwear Line with Nicole Di Rocco

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In this episode I breakdown my Top 5 lessons I learned while building my fashion brand, Nicolita Swimwear.

It’s exciting to share these lessons with you because while you listen to my journey, I guarantee that these lessons will either resonate or can be applied to your fashion business.

These five lessons have become some of my core values and beliefs about my business.

Looking forward to reading your responses to this episode in the iTunes comments.


  • 00:01-06:49 - Nicole on facing fears, taking greater risks, and the stories behind her fashion biz journey.
  • 06:50-07:21 - What’s your story? Just like other entrepreneur success stories, your story starts with an idea. Now what’s left to do is figuring out how you’ll take that idea and turn your vision into action.
  • 07:27-11: 54 - A gift from grandma. For Nicole, her brand’s story began with an old sewing machine, some twenty pairs of pants, and a passion for creativity.
  • 11:55-13:35 - Lesson number 1: listen to your own inner voice. Things are going to get louder and you need a tunnel vision to only focus on what matters the most to you -- in Nicole’s case, her big vision for a fashion biz brand.
  • 14:08-16:18 - Lesson number 2:  the power of a tangible sample. One tangible sample could launch your brand. Nicole shares about how a single physical sample brought her first thousand dollars from orders in just one hour.
  • 17:53-19:12 - Lesson number 3: rinse and repeat.  Figure out what works for you. Analyze and repeat.
  • 21:18-24:45 - Nicolita swimwear line was born. Listen as Nicole talks about the start of a “no-pinch fit” brand idea.
  • 26:05-28:36 -  The Nicolita story and the inspirations behind it. The root of Nicolita’s Cuban 40’s and 50’s vibe.
  • 31:05-32:05 -  Lesson number 4: set your goals and visions. Have a clear vision of where you want your fashion biz in the next month, year, or decade. Visualize what you wanted and let it be your guide through your journey.
  • 32:07-37:35- A Nordstrom story. Nicole on how she landed her dream customers, Nordstrom. Nicolita’s first orders across 5 Nordstrom stores: a mindblowing $20,000 sales.
  • 38:00-40:00 - Production is a whole new ball game. Maximize everything.
  • 43:12-47:11 - Lesson number 5: don’t get too caught up on PR. It is not everything. Press is not always equals revenue. Nicole discusses creating a balance on your brand’s PR efforts.


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