EP48 - Connection and Conversion Selling Strategies with Jennifer Gitomer

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In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I have an incredibly motivating conversation with expert and money generating coach, Jennifer Gitomer!

The entrepreneurial journey is a ton of passion, your prize is launching this idea, this dream, it isn’t necessarily making money. When I sat down with Jennifer I knew we needed to cover the basics on how to sell with ease and how she helps entrepreneurs live their best life. She teaches how to create money on demand, through her exponential growth formula and convert with connection method. Buying with trust and authenticity is crucial for creating a successful product launch and sustainability plan.

Get out your pencils and pens, in this episode Jennifer really breaks down so many obstacles we all face when we start to sell. It’s so important to just remember that building connection with a customer is the easiest way to keep that customer satisfied and coming back for more! I hope you learn something powerful in this episode! 


  • The Three Beliefs You Need to be Successful
  • What Happens When Someone Says No?
  • How to Sell Your Own Product
  • Dealing With Rebuttals
  • Closing the Sale

What Three Beliefs Do You Need to Be Successful?

The very first thing Jennifer shared with me during our conversation really rang true!

Obviously before you start anything, you need the passion to do it, but after that what is it that you need in order to be successful and make money in your business?

To get the answers Jennifer says we need to ask ourselves three questions:

  1. Why do I believe in myself? Believing in yourself is how you got here, it’s how you decided to pursue your product or business, so asking yourself “why” is a crucial first step to feeling confident in your selling.
  2. Why do I believe in my products or services? This is what makes your product or service unique and special in your mind.
  3. Why do I believe my customer will be better off after purchasing my product? This question is almost synonymous with the classic business question: "What problem are you trying to solve?" How will your customer be able to live a better life because of your product?

These beliefs that Jennifer spells out, are going to help you build an authentic approach to selling that is unique to you and your product.

No means NO?

In Jennifer’s mind when someone says NO, she redefines it as Next Opportunity! I loved picking Jennifer’s brain on how to create a positive atmosphere around rejection. We all already have enough Imposter Syndrome and we don’t need negative thoughts affecting our selling!

Reframing NO as Next Opportunity gives you permission to have fun with your selling and takes the pressure off the sale. Jennifer has such a positive attitude toward selling that it really did sound fun when she was talking about her “cold call” days and how she would create a positive energy bubble around her selling.

The next thing Jennifer teaches on how to deal with a “no” is giving yourself time to reset between sales meetings or calls. This way you can regroup, reframe, and come back with an energy and zest for your business! Maybe that wholesaler wasn’t right for you and that's okay... It means that a better opportunity is just around the corner!

What Does "Closing the Sale" Really Mean?

Jennifer and I both lamented the pre-authentic era where “closing the sale” was what you did at the end of the pitch, we all remember those old business cassettes…

Instead, Jennifer’s advice is to close the sale at the beginning of the sale, and to continue to sell the whole time you’re pitching. Really the only time you’re actually “closing the sale” is when you’re “bridging the sale” which is just one simple way of asking your wholesaler when they want your product in their stores, or when they want them shipped. That way you aren’t leading up to a huge pressured scenario at the end of your pitch. I love how Jennifer thinks about this because it just keeps your mind open to opportunities even in the midst of pitching and keeps you in control of the questions you ask!



08:38-12:15 - Welcoming Jennifer Gitomer

12:20-16:25 - Three Beliefs You Need to be Successful

16:30-21:20 - What if Someone Says No??

21:22-25:00 - How to Be Your Own Best Seller

25:05-31:50 - Dealing With Rebuttals

31:55-34:50 - Closing the Sale

34:55-38:05 - Resources to Help Your Business

38:10-41:53 - Recap


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