EP54 - The Power of Making a Decision with Nicole Di Rocco

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Are you firm in making decisions? Or do you find yourself putting decisions off until the options narrow down and become the only solution?

Are you raising your hand? Because I know I am…

The good news is that you’re not alone! 

I know I used to be really nervous about making decisions, in fact, I would focus on anything but making the decision I needed to. However, once I realized how making a decision allowed me to reclaim power in my business, I knew that I needed to prioritize making decisions more. 

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast I wanted to share the power that I have found in making a decision. In my Sold Out Launch Program, I talk about how important it is to start out as simply as possible. This might mean that you launch with only one or two signature styles, but that decision then empowers you to market to a more specific customer. I hope you find some healthy tips and advice in this episode that can empower you to get yourself “unstuck” in your business. 


  • How to Get “Unstuck” in Your Decision Making
  • What is Your Decision Costing You? 
  • How to Clear Your Mind and Move Forward

What is Holding You Back from Making Decisions?

Do you find yourself pushing your daily decisions till the end of the day? 

I know that when I have a hard decision that I have to make I try to prioritize anything but that decision. I also know that when I make the decision I feel so much better and so much more empowered to continue my decision-making as I go about my day.

As designers and business owners, we experience a lot of “to-do” list items sliding across our desks that can often distract us. But if we don’t funnel through the bigger decisions it may affect our sales, our productivity, and our creativity. Remember to set your intention; changing your life is not learning more, it’s making a decision. 

What Is It Costing You? 

As designers and business owners we love to dream big! Having the vision to impact the most people with your brand or product is what we all want! 

However, having a global brand, or launching with several pieces in various sizing and coloring can actually cause more harm than good when you’re beginning your business. 

To give you a concrete example if you have, 5 styles in 5 colors and in 8 different sizes that’s 200 SKU’s that you now have to keep track of, not to mention figuring out how to store those units once the inventory comes in. This can easily become a much higher cost than you anticipated when opening up your shop or beginning your ecommerce store. I love breaking these kind of things down so you know exactly what you’re getting into when you begin to think about all the ways you want to launch you business. 

Making decisions today that will directly support and further your business down the road are some of the most important decisions you can make!

So What Are You Going to Do? 

Utilizing your power to make decisions is how you can find your niche in the market and work on creating those deeper relationships with your customer base. If you start off with not making any decisions you can easily become overwhelmed and your customer can become confused as to what you’re selling and why you’re solving their problem. 

Not to mention how much more brain space you’ll save when you stop hoarding all of the decisions you’ve been putting off. 

Trust me. You will feel so much lighter and your business will thrive once you start believing in the power of decision making.



03:30-05:15 - Why is Decision Making Important?

05:20-09:25 - What’s Keeping You Stuck?

09:30-14:00 - What is Your Indecisiveness Costing You?

14:05-18:13 - How to Move Forward In Making Decisions

18:18-21:09 - RECAP!


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