EP61 - Do Fashion Brand Owners Need to Learn Adobe Illustrator with Sew Heidi

Photo by Sew Heidi via Successful Fashion Designer

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Do you need to learn Adobe Illustrator to be a fashion designer?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what tools you need in your toolbelt as a fashion designer...

There are so many unique tools that fashion designers have access to now, and I invited Sew Heidi on to talk about her experience working in Illustrator as a freelancer.

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I wanted to offer my listeners a new way to engage in the fashion industry. What I love about Sew Hedi’s experience is that she saw a niche fit for herself in a HUGE industry and has created her own courses to teach others how to utilize the tools and experience she has. As Fashion entrepreneurs it's so important to know what tools are available and if they can help you continue to grow your fashion business. I hope you enjoy this special episode and take advantage of all the knowledge that Heidi has to offer!


  •  Using Adobe Illustrator as a fashion designer
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Sew Heidi’s courses for designers and entrepreneurs
  • Being a fashion freelancer

Do You Need to Learn Adobe Illustrator to Run a Successful Fashion Business?

Before you ask that question there are a couple of questions that Sew Heidi mentioned…

  1. "What’s your personality type? Are you the DIY girl? Or the, I don’t want to do it myself girl?"
  2. "Will it save you time and money to learn Illustrator? Or frustrate you and waste your time?"
  3. "What's your budget? Can you hire out? Is that the best space for your business?"

It’s so important to know yourself before taking on a new venture, and I love that Sew Heidi understands that everyone is different and learns differently so although she has courses to help you learn illustrator it might not actually be the best fit for your business.

What are Some Mistakes to Avoid

Illustrator isn’t an easy thing to learn if you aren’t dedicated or aren’t the kind of tech person that enjoys figuring things out.

Some mistakes to avoid are trying to memorize every tool and its function in Illustrator.

Sew mentioned that there are some functions you will use every day and some that you won’t need for months. Don’t panic, you can always go back to a tutorial or lesson to remember what function you needed!

One of the reasons I wanted Sew on the podcast was because her courses are available for a limited time and I wanted to offer you all the opportunity to get access to them before they are gone FOREVER!

How to Be a Fashion Freelancer

Sew Heidi’s new course is called How to Be A Successful Fashion Freelancer, and I’m THRILLED that she is going to be offering her expertise and advice to those who are looking for opportunities to grow and branch out as a freelancer in the industry.

One of the most important things she mentioned during our chat was making yourself available in a niche market. Don’t offer too many options or try to master everything. Be good at one thing specifically and you will find so many more opportunities!


08:30-14:42 - Sew Heidi’s Journey in Fashion

14:47-20:07 - Is Illustrator Important for Your Business?

20:12-26:45 - What to Avoid in Illustrator

26:50-42:55 - Sew Heidi’s Courses

43:00-45:05 - Sketching by Hand

45:10-59:55 - Being a Fashion Freelancer 

1:00:00-1:02:39 - RECAP!


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