EP60 - Grow Your Brand With Digital Products Featuring James Wedmore

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Can a fashion business launch a digital product?

That's the question we answer and so much more on this week's episode. My guest is James Wedmore. He helps online entrepreneurs GROW and SCALE their businesses into 6 and 7-figure empires. Listen now to how brands are growing their revenues and creating unique customer experiences with digital products.

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Grow Your Brand with Digital Products

New listeners and long time listeners, buckle up! You are in for a wild ride this episode!

James Wedmore, my business mentor and coach and host of the Mind Your Business Podcast, is on the podcast to share how he started as an entrepreneur and how he helped me.

This episode is a part of a Digital Fashion CEO Series, where I dive into my own consulting and digital branding journey and offer you my expertise!  Hopefully this will help you open your eyes to some new strategies with creating digital products even if you have a physical product based business.

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I wanted to talk about my story and also about the decision making process on how I wanted to launch my fashion business. This episode is going to motivate you to ask the hard questions, find out your goals and stay ahead of the curve as a cutting edge business. James has been an incredible source of motivation and expertise for me as I launched my business and has continued to provide support for me as I build my brand and community. I hope you find something in this episode that sparks you to message me about your own Fashion CEO journey!


  • You don’t need permission to start
  • Advice for entrepreneurs
  • How to know when to pursue something
  • Desire vs reality and the bridge between
  • Digital products and your physical products

Why You Don’t Need Permission to Do Your Business

Do you remember raising your hand in class to give an answer?

I know that as a Fashion CEO and business owner I have been on a journey to unlearn some of the permission-based cultural ideas that I grew up with.

James and I talked about how most of us grew up waiting for someone to give us approval or permission to have the right answer or do the right thing. But sometimes when it comes to being an entrepreneur, doing the right thing means stepping into the uncomfortable and just being okay to fail.

I love that James starts each new business with the mentality that, if it seems crazy, that’s probably a GOOD thing!

Just because you’re the first person to do it, or do it differently, doesn’t mean that it’s wrong or that you shouldn’t do it. James likes to branch out into several directions as an entrepreneur as he sees new revenue streams.  His advice is to always be looking for new streams of revenue that can help you channel your business.

When Do You Know When to Pursue Your Idea?

James is a big advocate for listening to your heart. Sometimes our culture or upbringing can lead us to think that the head is always right. However, when it comes to creativity, entrepreneurship, and trying something new, usually the head is the one directing the show.

James talks a lot about how we can learn to listen to our heart and ask the right questions so we can know when we have the right idea.

Some of these questions are:

  1. "Is something tugging at you?"
  2. "Do you have any strong intuitions?"
  3. "What do YOU want?"

By answering these questions early on in the idea process, you can have a much clearer direction for moving forward in your digital product journey.

James reminded me that it’s not always about the ONE thing, sometimes its about positioning yourself as an octopus so that multiple things can evolve around you and your dreams!

But What if I Fail?

I’ve got some good news and some good news.



Success is a crappy teacher, as James shares on the podcast, and once you embrace your non-perfectionist self you can start to thrive on your failures. Because we all know Edison didn’t succeed, by succeeding, he succeeded by failing. Many, many, many times!

Learn to let go of the idea that you have to be perfect, in order to reach your goals. We have to know what to let go of, and if the FEAR of failure is holding you back, then you won’t find success.


10:00-13:05 -  James Wedmore Introduction

13:10-20:42 - You Don’t Need Permission

20:48-26:55 - The Best Advice For Starting

31:53-42:15 - Following Your heart

42:20-59:85 - Desire Vs Reality

1:00:00-1:00:00 - Business By Design

1:05:00-1:07:48 - RECAP!


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