EP59 - When is the Right Time to Use a Fulfillment Center with Nicole Di Rocco

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Are you still shipping your products from the kitchen table?

Are you dreaming of the day you can just watch your business grow without running to the USPS store on the fly?

Well, this special listener-generated episode is for you!

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I talk about the pros and cons of working with a fulfillment center when you are considering expanding or growing your business. Whether it’s more office space or finding the right shipping center, I love walking through the ups and downs of scaling your business and making the right moves for you to feel financially stable. I love answering the questions that come up in our FastTracker community and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this new episode!


  • Fulfillment center or office space?
  • Can fulfillment centers make it personal?
  • What kinds of costs are involved?

Should You Work with a Fulfillment Center or Get a Bigger Office?

Does the idea of not seeing your inventory scare you a bit? I remember when I was working with a fulfillment center and 99% of my inventory would ship there first. I had this feeling of “disconnection.”

It’s a HUGE decision choosing to work with a fulfillment center and I think the best way to look at it is financially. If you are growing in your business then do you think a bigger office is what you need to store your inventory? Or do you want your orders to go directly to fulfillment?

If you get a bigger space and continue to fulfill orders yourself you’re most likely going to have to hire a new employee, train them, and try to manage your growth when really someone could be managing all that for you and you could devote more of your time to growing your business. 

I know a fulfillment center can seem scary, but there are so many great centers that are dedicated to helping you think smarter not harder.

What About Personal Touches? 

One of the things I love about being a small business is giving each package a personal touch as a “thank you” for ordering.

Sometimes when you use a fulfillment center it's hard to imagine that they could add that same special touch. However, when you get into the research there are actually lots of options and packages available at fulfillment centers that will work with your brand on the types of fulfillment you’re looking for.

Not all fulfillment centers are the same though, some can create more custom programs than others, and most places are now working with small businesses to cater to the customer experience.

There are some great resources through Shopify to find fulfillment centers that are already integrated with the platform. Make sure you give yourself a lot of Quality Control rounds before making a final decision, this can really save you a lot of money and stress!

Costs and Tips to Smooth Your Transition

Remember that as a business owner your brain space is valuable real estate! So if packing and shipping out your product is ultimately taking away from the time you have to run your business, then it’s time to consider finding a fulfillment center.

There are many different factors to weigh when considering a fulfillment center. There are minimum orders, reduced weight packaging, picking and packing costs, personalization, and so much more that can help you find the right fit for your business.

I know that when I found my fulfillment center I felt like I had a new partner in my business and I have been so thankful for the wisdom and insight they have been able to offer me as I have transitioned from one chapter of my business to the next.


01:30-06:00 - Listener Question: When to Get a Fulfillment Center

06:65-10:45 - Pro’s and Con’s of a Fulfillment Center

10:50-18:08 - Costs and Tips

19:40-27:55 - When is The Right Time to Transition?

20:20-30:03 - RECAP


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