EP58 - How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Product Biz with Tracy Harris

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Are you finding it hard to get back to your organic reach of the early Instagram days?

Getting traction on social media is harder than ever before with so many creators working with small businesses.

Well, let me tell you, Instagram Reels is the trick to getting your back to these pre-algorithm changes.

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I talk with Tracy Harris about how to utilize Instagram Reels to grow your following and get your brand exposure. There are so many tips and tricks that Tracy helps me walk through in this episode. I know that social media can be intimidating with all the shiny new ways to create content, and I’m right there with you! But trust me, creating reels has never been easier and more of an opportunity for you to gain traction in your business. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this new episode!



  • Why Instagram reels are important
  • How to get people excited about your content
  • Editing tips for Instagram Reels

Why Do You Need to Implement Reels into Your Content Calendar?

Listen, we’ve all been there…

I’ve put out a great post or IGTV and have watched the likes slowly roll in and ultimately amount to zero sales and hardly any engagement.

Luckily, Tracy Harris is here to share how she has developed her Instagram Reels and utilized the feature to increase her engagement, boost her sales, and just have fun creating something unique and helpful to her audience!

One of the things we talked about, is being an early-adopter of the new features that Instagram rolls out. A quick way to see how Instagram is favoring certain creators is checking out your explore page and seeing what reels are taking up the most real-estate!

The good news is that Instagram reels is still a pretty new feature and users haven’t quite caught on to the great engagement that reels can offer, so there is still time for you to throw your hat in the ring! Another new feature that Instagram has started is Instagram Re-Mixes, which Tracy and I don’t go into but you should take the time to try out and become an early adopter!

How Do I Plan Out A Reel?

There are quite a few ways to ease in reels into your content calendar but one great way is doing some batch content creation.

Tracy says she always starts out with research and inspiration! You can do some research to find out what is getting views and likes by searching some keywords in the TikTok or Instagram Reels search bars. I personally like to use TikToks search feature because it's a little more user friendly but that's a personal preference.

After you find some reels that you feel inspired by or want to try your spin on you can save them and start to plan out the movements or outfits you may need to create the Reel. Once you have all your materials get yourself into CREATIVE mode and knock those reels out of the park!

Three ways to categorize your reels:

  1. Entertainment (Silly or Interesting)
  2. Information (Providing Value)
  3. Caption Based

Remember, these reels are only 15-30 seconds so even though they may seem intimidating at first, in the grand scheme you’re only needing 15 seconds or less of content to boost your engagement!

How to Edit Your Reels?

There are several apps out there that are helpful in guiding your editing process, but honestly I think the simpler the editing the less stressful and more fun you’ll have! Tracy and I both edit most of our reels in the Instagram app which makes uploading and saving drafts SO easy!

Two quick tips for posting your reels:

  1. make sure that you are still hashtagging and doing your own hashtag research to post in the comments
  2. Don’t forget to cover your reel when posting it to your story so that people actually go and view your reel and don’t settle for easy story content!

Tracy reminded me that it’s always nice to be a good consumer on social media! As much as you’re developing content, make sure you’re engaging with other brands and creators that have worked hard to provide you with thoughts, inspiration, or opinions of their own.

Click the image below to access Tracy's 10 Ideas to Increase Your Engagement & Grow Your Followers with Reels!



00:58 - 15:28 - Introducing Tracy Harris

15:33 - 21:35 How to Start Creating Your Instagram Reels

21:40 - 26:55 - How to Implement Instagram Reels into Your Business

27:00 - 32:15 - Planning Out Your Reels

32:20 - 52:30 - Tips and Tricks!

52:35 - 55:32 - RECAP!


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