EP25 - Instagram Obsession with Agustina Palacio

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You don’t need a following before you launch your line.

People will buy from my launch because I did my research and this is what people like.

What if no one buys from my line?

What if my launch fails?

If you’ve never experienced doubt, fear, or uncertainty, then you haven’t really started your journey. Every fashionpreneur can tell you that they’ve questioned themselves and the process almost every step of the way.

One of the biggest mistakes many fashionpreneurs have made includes borrowing money, and throwing most of it into production, and then being frustrated that you’re sitting on all of this product with no one interested in buying it.

In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I’m with Agustina Palacio, the proud mother of four beautiful boys and the founder of the high-end swimwear line, Nina Swim and the business coaching service Marketing for Fashionistas. We talked a bit about how her obsession with Instagram has inspired her to help teach other women entrepreneurs how to become Instagram Obsessed in order to build their audience, brand, and business.

It’s time to learn what steps you need to take in order to build a successful social following while also empowering yourself with a bit of inner work.


  • Why spend more time on Instagram instead of Facebook
  • How to build a successful Instagram
  • How to build confidence and strategy for Instagram
  • The Inner Work you need for success
  • 6 Steps to become Instagram OBSESSED

Instagram VS Facebook

Agustina explains that there has recently been a shift in the dynamic between Facebook and Instagram. Originally, a lot of us were throwing our efforts into Facebook, making groups and business pages. But, Facebook has switched to a largely personal based platform. It is largely for sharing moments with family and friends.

Instagram is now the king of social media. Agustina believes this is partly because marketing in the fashion industry has changed. And, now with the large amount of influencers on social media telling you what to buy and when, it is becoming the best platform for introducing and building your brand.

Separating Professional from Personal

But, do I sell just my brand or add a personal touch? Trust me, this is something that I have struggled with a lot. Originally, if you’ve followed me for this long, you’ll know that people were really confused as to whether I was Nicolita or if Nicolita was a brand. So, I eventually pulled myself off of social and started to focus more on using my models. 

But, people like buying things from people. So, there has to be a happy balance between your personal and professional life on Instagram. Remember that what you show people, they will associate with your brand.

Don’t portray a certain perfectionism that seems unachievable. Authentically show up as the best version of yourself, offer a dose of inspiration, and aspiration. 

Building Confidence and Strategy

Instagram is conscious posting; it is being intentional with what you are posting and when. Because Instagram is a largely visual platform, your images need to be stunning. Everything comes through the eyes first, so Agustina suggests, creating your content ahead of time. And, now that you have the power of IG feed and IG stories, you are able to mix in the professional and personal a bit more seamlessly.

Inner Work

So, when Agustina first started exploring her obsession with Instagram, she signed up for 6 different programs. And, what she realized was that they were all offering the same thing, and were all missing the same thing.

They were all talking about strategy but were missing the large mental game associated with social media. When you’re on social media, you are vulnerable to the comments you receive, or lack thereof. And, if you start to internalize all of that, you’ll begin obsessing over the wrong things, and ultimately will dull your light and your progress.

Agustina is a huge believer that the vibe you give is the vibe you’ll get. If you are vibing low, if your attitude is bad, if you’re not in a good place mentally, that is what you’ll attract into your life. A high vibe, a positive vibe, attracts way more than a low vibe. It carries through a room, it makes people want to be around you. It’s the basic law of attraction.

6 Steps to becoming "Instagram OBSESSED"

Now if you want to deep dive into these points, make sure to tune in to this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast. But, here’s a sneak preview at the 6 steps to becoming "Instagram OBSESSED" and finding success on this social platform: 

  1. Work on your images/pictures
  2. Show up as your next best version
  3. Change your Instagram mindset
  4. Engage with people
  5. Grow your followers
  6. Use Agustina’s Workbook to take pictures of yourself, by yourself


11:27-15:45 - Instagram vs Facebook

16:00-20:00 - Separating Professional and Personal 

20:00-26:20 - Building Confidence and Strategy 

26:30-34:10 - Inner Work

34:15-46:30 - 6 Steps to becoming Instagram OBSESSED

Meet the Guest

Agustina Palacio is a proud mother of four beautiful boys and the founder of the high-end swimwear line, Nina Swim, and the business coaching service Marketing for Fashionistas. Her passion for swimwear grew from her desire to empower women to “get over” body shame and embrace body confidence, and her marketing business is designed to help women entrepreneurs apply Magnetic Marketing to their businesses.

Her success on Instagram then inspired her to teach women entrepreneurs how to become "Instagram Obsessed". Instagram changed her life and business, becoming the place where she became seen and heard by thousands. It was by using Instagram she fell in love with the theories and application of the “Inner & Outer Work,” realizing that to help her clients, she needed to help them embrace both to become a success.

Agustina’s mission is to be the best mom she can be and to help passionate fashionistas, like herself, see their dream business come to life and rocket to success.


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