EP62 - What is a Digital Fashion CEO Featuring James Wedmore

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What is a Digital Fashion CEO?

I recently noticed that brands like Lululemon and Alo were now acquiring digital products.

And it got me thinking about how as fashion designers we work within the digital sphere but produce physical products. But now, other apparel companies are making moves to acquire more digital products and I think as fashion CEOs we should be thinking forward as Digital Fashion CEO’s.

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In this episode of the FastTrack Your Fashion Brand Podcast, I kick off the Digital Fashion CEO series by sharing my personal journey to becoming a Digital Fashion CEO and how you can start to think about your journey and vision for your business.

I want to plant the seed, so that when you have people coming to you asking you for help you can have a successful onboarding process for those clients. If you listen to this episode and get excited about the idea of becoming more of a Digital Fashion CEO, be sure to sign up for my new email list so you can be first in line to work with James Wedmore in his FREE coaching series.


  • Leaving behind Imposter Syndrome
  • My fashion CEO beginnings
  • Scaling your expertise
  • Connecting with purpose

Nineteen Years Ago...

I picked up the phone and called Nordstrom.

I was so nervous, because I knew that asking my questions would expose myself to being new to the industry. But by picking up the phone I was able to get the information I needed, and gain my first client, NORDSTROM!

I still can’t believe it.

The same thing happened when I started working with Rockstar Energy, I got a call and asked the right questions and brought in a private client who wanted to know more about my knowledge in designs, production, samples, and distribution.

I was suddenly the one they needed help from in order to continue their work! I love looking back at the timeline of my business and expertise to see when the small seeds were planted in my own life.

If I hadn’t picked up the phone to ask my questions, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today where I can speak to you on this podcast and start planting the seeds for you to grow into a Digital Fashion CEO!

What Happens When People Start Coming To You?

It can be really exciting when people, clients, and businesses start to ask you about your experience or expertise. All the knowledge that I have gained was through experience, I didn’t go to school for fashion, I got the experience I needed to get my first product on the market.

From there I found that I suddenly needed to figure out a way to scale my expertise and make an onboarding process so that I wouldn’t become overwhelmed and resent the clients in my directory.

I quickly realized that I had a couple of options ahead of me and I needed to figure out my vision for my business. As I started to recognize that I could quickly spiral into chaos, I chose to continue to follow my goals for Nicolita.

Cuba had just opened up and I wanted to make a documentary of my family visiting Cuba for the first time in 50 years. I wanted to be a bridge. I wanted Nicolita to be about more than a bikini.



After I figured out my vision for my brand, I realized that I could do more than just design swimwear, I could create a digital fashion brand and program that helps others on their journey to designing and launching their fashion businesses.

So What Now?

The bikini was the vehicle, not the destination…

As I continue to walk you through my journey as a Digital Fashion CEO, I want you to remember what your vision is and how you want to continue to scale yourself and your business.

Safeguarding your energy is important! As you continue to make deeper connections with clients, customers, and audiences, remember to check in with yourself and your vision. If what you’re doing isn’t serving your goals, you need to create more boundaries to help you stay on track!

I love that as I became more well known in my industry, I was able to establish deeper connections and offer more help for those who need it! I hope you all can start to think about how you can plant some seeds in your business to become a Digital Fashion CEO.


03:27-09:59 - Nineteen Years Ago

10:04-15:10 - How Did I End Up Here?

15:15-21:50 - Managing Your Scalability

21:55-36:25 - The Bigger Vision

36:30-38:23 - RECAP!


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